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Technical Issue with app

For the last few weeks we have been having an issue with the app not completing your order. It appears the issue isn’t just isolated to Android or Apple users and some users experience an issue and others do not. If you are having trouble finishing your order we encourage you to move over to your safari or browser app and just type in and complete your order online, the old fashioned way. 

This has obviously been frustrating for us and we keep working with their tech support to get the issue resolved. They have marked it high priority and are working hard. 

If you weren’t able to complete your order or if anyone gets an error message (no one has thus far) please forward a screenshot to 218-203-0604. This is not the user experience I had in mind and hope it gets fixed very quickly. We thank you all for your messages and for you patience but most importantly for not giving up on us. And as always, you can reach out anytime. 

Thank you,

Laci Jane 4/6/2021