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Advent Calendar- Pre Order Arrives mid October

Carpe Chic


These advent calendars provide your children with a fun new surprise every day. There are 4 options ▶️ Look them over ◀️. These will arrive mid October which gives us plenty of time if there are delays. 

multi kid discount which will be reflected on invoice NOT 🚫 seen here online when you complete your order. Remember, our website doesn’t take payment we send manual invoices our for all orders. 

2-3 children - $25 a piece 

4+ children - first order billed at $30, each additional order billed at $20 a piece. Four orders would be $90 

I always ship as cheap as I can and we’re working on getting measurements. I will always refund shipping if it’s too much. I’ll figure it out so it’s the lowest possible way I can get it.